Hi! I'm Courtney Bree

...or Coco Bree, whichever you'd like to call me.  Thank you for being here!  Who am I?  Whew, loaded question!  I am in the process of deciphering that myself.  If you're wondering what I do, I am an editor and SAG-AFTRA actress navigating through the Hollywood system. However, if you want me to describe my personality, I can only sum it up in one word, weirdo.  I am a natural born unicorn who likes to put her differences on a pedestal.🙃  I'm also a Harry Potter and Lana Del Rey enthusiast, but you will discover that in my blog posts.


I moved to Los Angeles, CA from Houston, TX in 2014, and decided to document my journey online.  With time, my self-indulgent dream chasing morphed into an effort to promote self confidence and overall badassness to women everywhere.  My main goal is to encourage self love. Being quirky and different is the new normal. Embrace your YOU! 


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