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2015 is Here!

Updated: Feb 11, 2018


After looking through my Instagram posts from 2014 (because if it wasn't on social media it didn't happen right?), I realized that I didn't really keep my resolution or make the most of the year. Although I finally moved across the country,  I don't believe I flexed my full creative potential.  I know, no regrets, but I am not a fan of feeling like I wasted a year doing nothing. No Bueno.

So, here are five things I'm carrying into 2015 to make it a more memorable year:


1. God: I vow to really work on my relationship with the man upstairs.

2. Vision Board: I think because I am so interested in doing a lot of different things in the entertainment industry,  it has become hard to focus on one thing and make it great,  "jack of all trades, master of none", if you will. I do believe it is possible to be amazing at everything, but consistency is key.  So I'm creating a vision board as a reminder of the things I want most out of life.  Yay for Pinterest-ing in the new year.

3. Positivity: I am going to write down at least 1 positive occurrence daily for 365 days.  I've gotta go all Dr. Phil on myself and really keep positive energy flowing.  It's easy to let the negative things that happen take over and dictate the way you live your life.  Today I put my foot down!

4. Fitness: This year it's not even solely about the weight.  I absolutely have to get my pasta addiction under control. My love for Capellini Pomodoro can be expressed in poetry that would rival Shakespeare. So I'm gonna limit to once a week (yea it's that bad) lol

5. A Puppy: I am investing in a Yorkie this year. End of discussion lol.


Happy New Year!!...and may the odds be EVER in your favor 😉

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