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HEY PEEPS! So I've put together a little guide for natural hair beginners featuring my favorite products, maintenance tips, and styling tools to date. It can be quite scary when you're first venturing into the natural hair world.  Keep in mind everyone's texture varies and your hair may react differently to certain products, however, this is a condensed list to get you started.  I'm by no means an expert, this is just my personal experience and what works for me.  (I've also linked my Holy Grail Products video below).  Hope this helps! Good luck on your journeys!


Section Hair in 4 to 6 sections and shampoo the SCALP. The shampoo will get in the hair but don’t focus on the hair. Massage into scalp with the pads of your fingers.  Use shampoo only once a week...twice a week if it gets really dirty.


Apply a generous amount of conditioner in your hair and always let it sit for at least 3 to 5 minutes before rising out. Focus heavily on the ends of your hair. Apply from root to tip until full head of hair is coated. This is where you detangle with a WIDE TOOTH COMB or DENMAN BRUSH – see options below.


Deep condition at least once a week and not more than twice a week. Apply the deep conditioner all over head(in sections), either on wet or dry hair. Finger-detangle the hair and twist. Apply a plastic cap so the heat from your head can activate the treatment. Either sleep with the cap on your head overnight or sit under a hooded dryer on low heat for 30-60 mins. Rinse and continue with normal routine.


After hair is clean, apply leave in products using the LOC METHOD.

L: Leave in Conditioner

O: Oil (to seal the hair)

C: Cream Styler

This leaves your hair extra moisturized. Leave in Conditioner without the sealant and cream styler just evaporates. The LOC method actually locks in all of the moisture you’re applying.


(This is the O in the LOC METHOD. The oil is often referred to as a sealant because it keeps the leave in conditioner (or water) in place) You never want to over saturate in oil though. It is mostly there to lock in the leave in.

  • COCONUT OIL (Best oil in my opinion because it penetrates the hair shaft. This is the oil that also makes your hair shiny. I always use coconut oil even if I’m using another oil with it.  These three brands have worked best for me):

  •  JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL (Excellent for growth and thickening):

  • OLIVE OIL (I only use olive oil if I’ve run out of coconut oil. It makes the hair soft though):


(This is the C in the LOC METHOD. The cream styler gives your hair that last bit of moisture and helps hold the curl.  Apply a enough product to coat the hair but don't over saturate.)


(For kinkier textures, we typically need a gel in order to hold curl definition. Whenever applying these gels, apply in sections so each strand of hair is coated.   You will figure out the amount of gel to use as well as which gels react best with what products through trial and error.)

8. Mists/Holding Sprays

(These sprays will help refresh next day curls)


(These are the basic tools you will use on a regular basis so stock up! 😀 )


(THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON THE LIST! Learn your hair and enjoy the journey. When you love it, it loves you back).

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